The Protein!

The Protein!

I figured I'd make my first blog about the one thing I have been working so hard on. Many would think it would be my weight loss but this meal replacement has kicked my ass.

All along my journey I tried every protein out there. Some good, some bad and some down right disgusting. From watery to clumpy, I've drank them all. I've also mixed everything in them too. From veggies to fruit to peanut butter to even blending up chicken breasts and throwing that in there for MORE PROTEIN.

Along the way I wrote down what I liked and what I didn't like. Texture, taste, satisfying and smell. We all know protein left in a cup in your hot car will make you want to puke if opened.

Egg, rice, whey, casein, isolate whey, micellar casein, hydrolyzed protein, soy, pea, bone marrow and meat are just a few proteins we see on the shelf. Non of us really know what's the best one or what they truly do.

Marketing has you believe this fancy looking label with the man or woman on the front whos bulging biceps and carved abs MUST be the best one for you. So like many of us, we buy it, we try it and we sit around waiting for those muscles to appear. When nothing happens we assume its shitty protein so we better go buy a different kind because this one didn't make us healthy.

For me, most proteins gave me a stomach ache and or diarrhea and I had just assumed because I was unhealthy that it was normal. I continued to drink tons shakes not really ever thinking about the chemicals I was ingesting.

What they don't tell you is, our bodies don't process tons and tons of proteins at a rapid pace. So all these companies telling you that each scoop is 25 or 35 grams of protein isn't telling you the rest of the story. WHAT ELSE IS IN THERE?!

If all this protein worked for the dude with muscles, it'll work for me and everything will turn out.


Along my journey I realized I didn't read much of anything or research the things I was putting into my body. I assumed more than I didn't. As I began to read I soon realized most of what I was consuming was chemicals that didn't benefit our bodies whatsoever.

Reading labels became an obsession to me. What also became an obsession was all the proteins marketed out there and what companies said they did. Soon after I began learning about all the different types of proteins I realized 90% was bullshit marketing claims.

Since the beginning of this whole thing I said I'd never be fake or say one thing and do another. So when I had the idea to get into protein it was never a question of rolling out something that couldn't be backed by proof.

When I began contacting companies for samples, each company would always ask the price point. Not one ever asked about the person consuming it. It was always about money! Yes, a successful company makes money but it takes a loyal consumer base to make it successful.

IT'S ABOUT THE PEOPLE! Stomach aches, bathroom runs, sick feeling, bloated and hunger were all things I experienced on all those protein powders I had tried leading up to this point in my life.

One company came to me and asked if I had tried egg white protein. I have I told them. I explained the only protein I consumed at this point was egg white and it was the only protein that didn't hurt my stomach but I hated I had to blend it to death and it tasted terrible. No matter what I added in there, it still had a bad texture and didn't taste good. 

Now some will argue (myself included) that food needs to become fuel but it can still taste great and I wanted a powder that did just that and a lot more.

I wanted a powder that was beneficial, tasted great, fulfilled us for a few hours, would mix easily in all liquids and not clump and most importantly be filled with ingredients our bodies recognized and processed properly.

Enter Egg White Crystals.  

Egg white protein has long been known as the gold standard of protein. It something our ancestors have been eating for thousands and thousands of years, are bodies are highly-adapted to digesting it. That's one reason it gets a perfect score on the protein digestibility scale (PDCAAS).

Egg white protein has an ideal blend of amino acids for recovering from tough workouts and building muscle. It's an all-natural source of the highest quality protein around.

Best of all, egg white is naturally lactose- and gluten-free, and we don't do anything to change that. 100% all-natural, dehydrated egg white protein. They are made with a revolutionary process that gently extracts water while preserving the delicious flavor and nutritional benefits of fresh egg whites.

Once I researched the Egg White Crystals and knew this is what I wanted it was go time for me.

I still feel bad for the manufacture because when he asked what I wanted I WENT OFF on the guy. It was like a wish list that I had long saved up for.

Taste, highest quality protein, high fiber, low carb, low fat, naturally sweetened, garcinia cambogia and chromium picolinate. Oh and I also wanted a protein bottle that wasn't half full, so find me a smaller container so people actually get what their paying for.

Well, my dream has come to reality. OGRE Meal Replacement is here and it's beyond what I envisioned to offer to all of you.

- Johnny_