My journey will never have an end...


On the first day, I put my shoes on and went for a walk down the block. I could barely make it three houses before I was out of breath and turning around. Years later, I’m 225 pounds lighter and healthier than ever. Helping those who stand at the starting line I once stood at makes this all more the worthwhile to me. That’s why I’m here: to help, to inspire and to be a part of people's journey. It’s worth every tear I’ve cried, every bead of sweat I've dropped and all the pain I've endured.


It’s no secret that I used to weigh nearly 500 pounds. You’ve seen the pictures – I don’t hide them, you know the before and the after. Maybe the idea of losing all the weight you need to lose is just too much. It was for me – for too many years to count. But then I took the first step and I can show you how to do it in person. My first-ever OGRECON is coming up Oct. 14 and 15 in Fresno, CA at my personal training studio, TRUE GRIT. One of the very first things I’ll talk about is how I took those first steps and then how I just kept going. I'm going to share things that you can apply and it actually stick. Consistency is everything when it comes to long term health and too many fail thinking a diet will work long term.

Come hang out with me, learn exercises in my personal studio, ask all the questions you can think of and not be rushed doing it and most of all, learn from someone who understands what being obese is and how evil society can be. 

See you at GRIT!

Become a More Effective Person: Gain new tools and confidence to break through limitations, and learn the steps it takes to have a successful weight loss journey.

Achieve your Health and Fitness Goals: More energy, more vitality and more accountability from someone who has actually done it and will push you. Stay committed for real results, and start living your life!

Prepare for Change in Your Life: Become the master of your emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of life’s challenges and unexpected changes that seem to always derail your journey that makes you quit and blame everything as to why you failed.

Ignite Passion in Yourself: Remove beliefs that are sabotaging you and keeping you from achieving a better life you always seem to dream about but never make happen.

Gain Clarity in Your Pursuit of a Healthier You: Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life in the next year.



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