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How This Man Lost More Than 200 Pounds and Opened His Own Gym

When John Giannandrea used to order fast food, he’d make it a double: 40 chicken nuggets, two large fries, and two soft drinks. You would never believe it from looking at him now, but Giannandrea once tipped the scales at nearly 500 pounds.

Fresno man loses 200 pounds, creates nutrition supplement

John Giannandrea was at this home in Fresno four years ago when his obese friend suffered a brain aneurysm in the bathroom.

We Asked People What It's Like To Lose 100+ Pounds

These are the turning points that led people to find their way to a healthier life.

Fresno man turns inspiring weight loss story into thriving gym business

One man's journey to lose an extreme amount of weight and live a healthy lifestyle has turned into a booming business.


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